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Build Digital Growth are a leading website design agency located in the heart of Mildura at 136-138 Langtree Ave. Our team of website designers craft leading websites in Mildura that generate real results for local Mildura businesses.

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Take your business growth to the next level.

A website alone won’t suffice in achieving your business goals; what truly matters are the outcomes it delivers. Generating leads and enquiries that ultimately translate into tangible revenue in your bank account is what “The Digital Growth Partnership” is all about. We provide you with a comprehensive set of digital marketing tools and strategies to guarantee online visibility and the conversion of valuable traffic into measurable results. Consider us your ultimate destination for a complete digital solution to ensure success.

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Take your digital presence to the next level

Your complete digital solution, The Digital Growth Partnership

Website Development Services Mildura
The Digital Growth Partnership

It's not just a website, you need the results a website produces

Having built a strong reputation over six years in the web design industry, we’ve learned that our clients seek more than just a website – they crave RESULTS. Whether it’s leads or enquiries, our journey has led us to create “The Digital Growth Partnership”. This encompasses essential components to enhance your online presence and boost conversion rates. “The Digital Growth Partnership” serves as your all-encompassing digital solution, guaranteeing a pathway to certain success.

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Strategy & Collation
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A proven recipe for digital marketing success.

What's Included in The Digital Growth Partnership

Maximising website speed and performance for your mildura business

Custom Digital Strategy

We create a custom strategy, from your website, audience, seo and blog, to ensure that your website not only looks great, but is highly optimised for SEO and the content we create is crafted to generate real results.

Web Design & Development

Not only will we design and develop an industry leading, highly sophisticated and next-gen website that is highly optimised to convert leads into sales, but we provide unlimited web design tasks for your team to request.

Website Development Services Mildura
SEO 101: Basic Principles for Increased Website Traffic

Search Engine Optimisation

Not only do we undertake on-site SEO before launch, but we also perform routine monthly SEO tasks and reporting.

Ongoing Hosting & Unlimited Support Requests

Hosted on only the best World class and super fast Google Cloud hosting, unhackable security, and expert support and maintenance.

Website Hosting & Support Care Plans Mildura
Master Google Analytics with a Mildura Web Agency

Website Copywriting

Our copywriters will craft unique and simple to digest page content that will convert visitors to customers.

Blog Writing

To engage and grow your Google page rankings, thoughtful blog articles are written to grow your website audience.

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Social Media Management Agency Mildura

Photography & Videography

To generate more leads, you need photography and videography to gain trust from new web visitors.

Social Media Management

We entertain your audience, link back to your website services and blog articles, and showcase your amazing business with unique and engaging content that your followers will love.

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Unlock Your Full Potential With The Digital Growth Partnership

If you’re an established business and are serious about generating real business growth through digital marketing, our team are here to help.

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The Digital Growth Partnership is a subscription-based digital marketing solution that covers the complete digital spectrum with an end-goal of clear and precise goals and well-thought-out planning to grow your business.

Once subscribed, our team will prepare the project and client portal and ensure we're good to go. Each month your team will receive an invoice for the subscription.

Due to the nature of the services we're providing and the partnership we're undertaking, this is a minimum 2-year commitment. After the minimum 2-year period ends, you can cancel your subscription.

Why 2 years? Because we're outputting extensive hours into the planning of multiple services, website design, website development, ongoing hosting, Google SEO and more, you're committed to a minimum of 2 years for our team to deliver results, and we're committed to delivering on those results.

We expect to finish 90% of projects in 4-6 weeks. It can take longer depending on the size of the website and the responsiveness of the clients.

Our Digital Growth Partnership program is customisable, we understand some businesses will have their own social media teams or graphic designers, we will simply work with you to customise the Full Stack to match your business needs.

We utilise the latest project management tools like Notion to ensure your project is organised and ensure smooth collaboration.

If you're a smaller-scale business that's looking to make a smaller impact, yet be seen across multiple platforms and continue to see small growth over long-term, speak to us today.

Getting started is easy! Fill out the enquiry form and wait for our team to organise a meeting. Once we're on the same page regarding The Digital Growth Partnership deliverables, you can signup to our subscription and we kick off the project.