20 Secrets to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

20 Secrets to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

Did you know Facebook reaches more than half of all social media users worldwide?

With this many people using the platform, you’d think it’d be easy to reach your audience, but Facebook’s organic reach has been in decline lately.

It’s no secret that most social media platforms embrace a pay-to-play format when it comes to reaching your customers. However, with the invention of the personalized news feed and the sheer amount of content, it can be a real challenge to cut through the noise to boost your organic Facebook reach.

How can you improve your organic search results? Here are a few Facebook tips!

1. Post Video to Facebook

Video is engaging and eyecatching for consumers. Posting your video natively to Facebook also increases engagement.

Create a video campaign or content that speaks to your audience on an emotional level, add a few curated hashtags, and you are on your way to improving your Facebook organic search.

2. Promote Blog Posts and Non Sales Content

Facebook has gotten smarter over the years, and the algorithm can now tell if what you are posting is promotional or not.

If you are attempting to drive more organic search traffic, post more than just products and services. Offer your audience informative and valuable content instead.

3. Use Facebook Live

Live video has almost double the engagement of other videos. People love to tune in and interact with a video in real-time. You can do a Q&A or walk your audience through a product demonstration.

4. Change Your Post Formats

Make sure you are changing up what you post on your feed. For example, don’t just post photos with a caption and a link.

You should have a healthy mix of blog posts, videos, stories, quotes, GIFs, etc. Posting quality and diverse content keeps an audience engaged.

5. Figure Out the Best Time to Post

If you have been posting content on social media for a while, you have a wealth of insights you can tap into. Take a look at your data and figure out what dates and times your content has gotten the most engagement, and post new content at those exact times.

6. Post Links

When you post a link, you are more likely to get engagement. Your audience is more likely to engage with a link they can click on than text or an image.

7. Ask Your Audience to Turn on Post Notifications

The audience that you do have should know the second you have new content. So please encourage them to turn on post notifications so they can engage immediately with new content.

8. Create Consistent Content

If you have figured out the best times to post content, you should consistently post at those times moving forward. Consistency can increase engagement because people are expecting new content to come out at those times. In addition, consistent content will improve your Facebook search.

9. Keep an Eye on Competitors

There is a ton of content on Facebook, and you are competing for attention. Figure out what your competitors are doing and figure out the best way to distinguish yourself from them. For example, offering a different brand of content can improve your organic reach.

10. Respond to Feedback Within the Hour if Possible

40% of consumers expect a brand to respond on social media within an hour. You want to respond to them as quickly as possible, so you don’t seem like you are ignoring their questions and feedback.

11. Keep a Human Element

Try not to automate everything. People want to know there is an actual human behind the Facebook page. It adds an element of personality that your audience will connect with.

12.Build a Strong Brand Presence

You should understand your brand’s purpose and mission. A strong brand presence and consistent message will stick with your audience.

13. Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Pages

If you can build a partnership with another page with similar content but not competitive with you, you can gain access to their audience. If you go this route, you need to make sure you are on board with the other page’s content. If you are posting clickbait or other things that will deter your audience, it can backfire.

14. Post Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is something that you can post over and over again. You want it to be something that gives your audience value for months or years to come. Every time it is posted, you’ll get some likes and shares.

15. Use the Organic Post Targeting Feature

Facebook Audience Optimization is a way to get the right content in front of the right people. There are ways to target people based on their interests and narrow them even further by using their age, gender or demographic.

16. Ask Your Email List

You have an untapped resource in the form of an email list. You should start integrating social media into your email content. You can do this by informing your subscribers of new posts and adding social media share buttons.

17. Plan Your Content but Remain Agile

You should have an overall social media strategy to achieve a specific goal, but you want to remain agile so you can jump on relevant and time-sensitive content. For example, following social media trends and linking to a trending topic can help your organic search results.

18. Tailor Your CTAs

Have a clear CTA and tailor it to the content you are posting. In addition, you should create a sense of urgency that entices your audience to click.

19. Avoid Posting Clickbait

Do not post clickbait. It can be quite tempting to do this, but it’ll annoy your customers and can get your posts demoted on the Facebook platform.

20. Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great way to create a Facebook community dedicated to your customers. This kind of community requires dedication and commitment but can lead to great results.

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