The New Way to Blog

The New Way to Blog

The New Way to Blog
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      Blogging is not dead.

      In fact, it’s more competitive than ever.

      With over 600 million blogs across the world today, you need to be different if you want to stand out.

      Every year, the blogging standards change across the world wide web and it’s important to stay up to date with what’s happening. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to blog in 2021!

      Figure Out Your Niche

      If you’re not sure how to find your niche, let your heart lead you to it.

      Sounds cheesy. We know. But the niche you choose should be a combination of what you have knowledge of and what you are passionate about.

      When thinking about these couple of things, you should take into consideration the current market, what value you can bring to it, and what experience you have on the subject.

      Whether you choose your niche in beauty or travel, stick to it.

      Images Are Everything

      Humans are visual creatures. Always have been, always will be.

      If you have too much writing on your blog and only focus on the text, your website visitors will get lost in the text and likely move on from your site.

      However, if you spice up your blog with images and visuals, people are more likely to stay for longer.

      When adding images to your blog, do not forget to add alt text and tags to your images. This ensures that search engines can find images when people search for specific terms.

      Make It Yours

      There’s nothing worse than going to a website that has no personality. There are a few things you can do to make the website yours. Follow the tips below:

      • Pick a theme that fits your niche and personality
      • Customize the sidebars with widgets of your choice
      • Add your favourite colours and fonts to your website
      • Use images that speak to you and your audience
      • Create an about page to tell others who you are
      • Add a menu bar with your most important pages

      Although you are the creator of your website and everything that goes on it, you still want to be sure to speak to your target audience. Choose colours and fonts that go together. Make sure your fonts are easy to read.

      Doing all of these steps from the get-go will help you build your blog and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging. The more personable you make it, the longer people will stay on your website scrolling through the different pages.

      Stay Consistent

      One of the most important parts of how to blog is consistency.

      Imagine visiting a blog that you fall in love with and go back to see their new content, but there is none. So you go back in two weeks, but there still isn’t new content. You’re probably going to give up on the blog and stop visiting it.

      Whether you choose to blog once a month or twice a week, you need to set a schedule and stick with it. If you are consistent for a month or two and then get off track, you may lose part of your audience.

      That is the last thing that you want!

      Another great way to stay consistent is on your social media platforms. There are a ton of apps you can choose to help you stay on track from apps that you can plan your content on and post for you to calendar apps to track your to-do list.

      Optimise SEO

      Search engine optimisation is crucial to blogging in 2021.

      When writing blogs, you need to incorporate hyperlinks to other relevant blogs in your niche, as well as hyperlink back to your own blog posts. Blogs without links do not receive as much traffic.

      As well as hyperlinking, you need to have a strong meta description. This is the blurb that shows up below your website’s name when it appears on a search engine. Since this is the first thing a person sees about your website, it needs to grab a person’s attention quickly.

      Again, like mentioned above, make sure that your images have the right keywords attached.

      Doing all of these steps in your blog will increase your chances of being seen on top search engines. It will also attract more subscribers and consistent customers.

      Get on Social Media

      Social media is the best way to grow your blog in 2021.

      Promoting and marketing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok will attract more people to your blog. Once more people show up on your blog website, you may get more subscribers and potential customers.

      People who visit your social media will be able to share your posts to spread the word about your website. This means posts that would normally not reach certain people, suddenly are!

      Although setting up social media accounts may be difficult and time-consuming at first, the effort you put in will pay off down the road.

      Ready to Learn How to Blog?

      After reading these tips, you have some idea of how to blog.

      If you’re still lost in the blogging sauce and asking yourself how to blog in 2021, you don’t need to fret! We have a ton of helpful services to make sure your website is among the top blogs.

      Whether you need social media services, digital marketing help, or search engine optimisation, we’ve got you covered!

      Contact us to help you out with making your blog the best it can be!

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