Your Brand Story, It Matters

Your Brand Story, It Matters

Your Brand Story, It Matters
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      Are you creating a new brand or revitalizing your existing one? Keep in mind that a smart business needs to speak and connect with its market and good branding is an important tool for this communication. Not only will your brand story help you reach larger and new audiences but it will also set you apart from your competitors.

      Brand development is more than just an eye-catching logo and a website

      Branding is how to you speak to your customers. It is about creating a story, lifestyle, and experience around your product or service for your customers and audience. To be effective, it needs to highlight your business’ principles, values, and mission and strengthen your promise.

      Look at one of Australia’s most enduring Agricultural brands

      Change is constant and no business can standstill. The surviving ones will always be those that have adapted to the changing market place. A good example is RM Williams which had taken stock and remained current in order to adapt to the new global retail landscape. They were traditionally known for their classic riding boot and has now evolved to include green and blue leathers and even biker boots.

      An essential part of this evolution was preserving the substance of the brand which is based on authenticity, honesty, and craftsmanship. To communicate this in a modern way, they worked on their packaging, creative work, and product development.

      By preserving the true, proud Aussie essence of the brand through storytelling and video content, they were able to take the product online and grow. Their boots, accessories, and clothing can be seen in the paddock as well as the boardroom all over the world.

      Empower yourself with brand clarity

      The most important thing is to know who you are and why you get out of bed each day. Identify your company’s personality and tone of voice. How do you go about speaking to your customers? These factors can guide everyone working in your business and unite them to your brand’s cause. Employees are more likely to feel that same pride and work in the same direction to achieve the goals you have set when they understand your mission and reason for being. It can also help you make decisions and keep you on track.

      Why you should consider rebranding

      Like most businesses, your company may have grown or evolved beyond its original mission. Are you looking to reach a new audience and broaden your appeal? By rebranding, you will also be able to reposition your brand, look at your strategy, and see how this is communicated.

      There may be some parts of your brand story worth keeping. You can easily determine which ones are irrelevant, and which needs to be tweaked. It all depends on how it is presented as media and digital channels evolve. You can always ask your web developer to help you make wise decisions.

      Tell your brand’s story using impactful visual communication

      Once you have decided on which strategy will work for you, your web developer can easily work with you to ensure that your logo, colour scheme, images, written and video content are consistent. You should also make sure that you do what your brand says it will. Customers value honesty and integrity and by delivering on your promises, your brand is going to stay around for a long time.

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