What to Expect on a Website Redesign

What to Expect on a Website Redesign

What to Expect on a Website Redesign
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      Are you wondering how a website redesign can improve your brand and build your customer base? Fortunately for you, working with Build Digital Growth will make the process easy. A quality website redesign doesn’t just focus on the aesthetics of your new website, even though this is just as important. 

      A redesigned website will also help you improve your web traffic and the quality of the traffic you receive. You’ll find that you’ll attract more people to your website that happen to be interested in the goods or services you offer. 

      With this in mind, read on to learn how Build Digital Growth can aid your website for longterm growth! 

      Reasons to Redesign Your Website

      Your website should be considered the hub of your business when it comes to interacting with potential clients. However, you may first be wondering why website redesign services are necessary for your business. Along with revitalizing the aesthetics and look of your website, here are a few more reasons that you may not have considered: 


      Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects when it comes to easy, longterm marketing. If your website has good SEO, many of the pages on your website are capable of rising to the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). This makes it far more likely that people will click on those links and engage with your website. 


      In this digital age, websites are often the first impression people receive of your business. With this in mind, websites need to use colours, graphics, and images that accurately reflect your brand in a pleasing way. This can be done by ensuring that your logo is featured prominently at the top of the age. 

      Web designers will also choose fonts that are highly readable and reflect the personality of your brand. This goes the same for any imagery and colours used. 


      Outdated websites that aren’t able to work the same on both smartphones and computers don’t serve your target audience well. Responsive design allows websites to adapt to any screen size so that it functions the same. Viewers will be able to read the text, click on links, and sign up for mailing lists whether they’re using a small screen or their desktop computer. 

      Responsive design also leads to a reduced bounce rate, as viewers won’t be as frustrated engaging with your website. This can lead to better SEO in the future. 


      Last but not least, you’ll enjoy a more structured website when it comes to the website redesign process. Viewers shouldn’t have to click on more than two to three links in order to navigate to the pages they want to reach. If they have to click on more links, this means that your website may be too complicated. 

      A well-structured website also creates a better foundation for creating a content marketing strategy. For instance, you can determine the best way to the structure the URLs of future blog posts to make it easier for viewers to read and interact with them.

      Website Redesign

      Website Redesign With Build Digital Growth

      Now that you know all the positives of implementing a website redesign, what can you expect with Build Digital Growth? Our local team of Australian web experts makes the process as easy as possible for small businesses. 

      Website Strategy 

      It all starts with creating a web strategy with specialists and marketers, as we have a custom approach for every business. A strategy is created with the goal of generating qualified leads for your business. We’ll also work to rank your pages high on Google’s search engine results pages for continual, organic traffic. 

      We recognize that your website needs to work for you. Even when the process is finished, you’ll be rewarded with a constant trickle of leads that could become customers. 

      Editable Content

      One of the best aspects of our website redesign project plan is that we focus on flexible solutions. We keep your users in mind as well as your entire time. We realize as time progresses, there may be website elements that you need to edit and update. 

      With this in mind, your website is redesigned with a fully editable drag-and-drop builder. Even if you don’t have knowledge about website building, you’ll be able to easily add, remove, and move content in a user-friendly way. This gives you complete control over your web pages without the need of a professional. 

      Built to Convert

      Through the use of optimization strategies as well as SEO, we make sure that your website is built to convert. After the website is designed, our strategists ensure that your website is capable of driving leads and conversions through design improvements that are backed by facts and metrics relevant to your industry. 

      Your website will also be designed with SEO at the forefront of your minds. Since SEO isn’t something you can set and forget, our experts will ensure that you’re informed about how to maintain your SEO over time so that your website can continue to rank over the years. 

      Your Website Redesign Project Plan 

      If you don’t have any website knowledge, working with a designer for the first time can seem daunting. However, we help businesses with a high-level of communication at each stage of the process to keep you informed. 

      Research & Strategy

      Our research and strategy phase includes a competitor analysis as well as an examination of current trends for your industry. This research helps us determine the best ways to develop your website and structure it with lead acquisition in mind. 

      The website strategist you’re assigned will give you tips on the path forward as well as homework that helps give web designers more ideas. 

      Website Design

      This phase is when our web designers will execute the plan and strategy we discussed. As we described above, our web experts design your website with an emphasis on user-focused web design that converts. 

      Website Development

      The development of your website is a separate phase once the frontend of your website is designed. Qualified developers utilize coding best-practices in WordPress to help your website rank better. They’ll also make sure that your website is easy to manage once they’re finished. 

      Functional QA

      A website isn’t complete without thorough testing. We’ll work with you to review each of your website’s pages and look for: 

      • Mobile bugs
      • Cross-browser bugs
      • Links that are set up properly
      • Any web development issues

      For content issues that are found, our team will provide you with a lest of recommendations. This is one of the most important steps for websites, as it raises the standard of websites and helps differentiate you from competitors.

      For instance, a website that isn’t able to work properly on Firefox browsers versus Chrome can severely limit the number of people able to access your website. 

      Small content issues like typos can also impact the professionalism of your site.

      Website Launch

      Once the QA phase is completed, it’s time to launch your website! We’ll equip you with our launch checklist to ensure that you’re prepared each step of the way. 

      After your website is live, you’ll still have access to our team 30 days afterwards. Our team will continue to give you recommendations and tips on how to optimize and manage your website over time. We’ll also be there to smooth out any bugs or inconsistencies you find after launch for a completely stress-free experience. 

      It’s important to remember that websites are always changing and evolving. Our goal is to design a beautiful website for you that will last the test of time as your business grows and evolves. 

      Creating a Beautiful Website For You

      A website redesign through Build Digital Growth offers a full, customized package for your business. WordPress websites give you the customization and ease-of-use needed in order to grow a fully functioning, responsive website over time.

      Our talented team of experts will work with you in order to create a website with a focus on conversions. Our research includes a deep dive into industry trends, competitor websites, and more. 

      Even better, you’ll be able to manage the website yourself with our drag-and-drop builder. After the 30 days are up after your website launch, you’ll have enough information you need in order to keep the website optimized for the longterm. 

      Ready to get started? Our team offers a FREE web design audit valued at $349, to reveal exactly where your website needs to improve. Get started here.

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