Increasing Website Conversions

Your website is creative, modern, and visually-engaging. But are your users converting?

When it comes to brand awareness, a website is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Especially when it comes to lead generation. But, before you go investing anymore time or money into your web presence, it’s important to keep in mind that you must first develop an on-point conversion funnel that allows users to effortlessly navigate the buyer journey. By investing the time into these details, you’ll end up with a site that’s capable of drawing more conversions and providing a more user-friendly experience from beginning to end. And while there are an endless number of features and functions you should consider, there are three essentials that should always be at the top of your list. Rather than simply point them out, however, let’s take a deeper look into each and see why they’re must-haves for your website.

1. Prominent Contact Information

When it comes to your contact information, there’s no need to get fancy or overthink it. Customers don’t want to spend their lunch break hunting for your phone number or email address. Whether it’s a professional inquiry or just a simple question, they surely have better things to do than click through a barrage of webpages just to get in touch with you. This is an increasingly important notion, now that more and more users are on-the-go and access the web via their mobile devices. If you can’t provide the answers these customers are looking for in a quick and easy manner, you need to rethink your site structure.

2. Concise & Immersive Content

While it’s true that your website should effectively tell your brand’s story, that doesn’t mean it needs to fall into novel territory. The message you convey has to be succinct, yet compelling, on every page of your site. Too much copy can overwhelm a customer, especially if they are visiting on their mobile device. The more users have to scroll or click, the less likely they are to return and repeat the process. In order to move these individuals further down the funnel, you have to write copy that is easily digestible pieces of information that entice them to look further on their own. You can’t demand it. You have to invoke it.

3. Mighty Calls-to-Action

These are what entice the user to take the actions you’re asking of them. It could be getting in touch with your business, clicking a link, making a purchase or downloading a coupon. No matter the action, you have to first present the user with the opportunity and compel them into grabbing hold of it. In today’s all-digital world, “learn more”, “click here” and “See why” just don’t quite work like they used to. The more compelling the content you present, the greater the chance your customers will follow through to the end of the funnel.

So, it can be said that in order to effectively drive the conversions you want, you must invest in a website that’s efficient, engaging and easy to use. By working with a professional digital agency, you can utilize the talents of experts who will convert your brand’s presence into a stunning website that will facilitate the results you’re looking for and the experience your customers want.

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