Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2021

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2021

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2021
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      A 2019 report indicates that there are currently 4.333 billion global internet users. This statistic translates to roughly 56% of the total global population.

      To put it simply, your customers are online — and you should be too.

      Regardless of what your business needs are, a website can help you reach them. This guide outlines ten reasons why you need a website in 2021. Keep reading to learn more!

      1. It Attracts New Customers

      Firstly, a new website will help attract local, and global, customers. The majority of people searching for local businesses do so on their mobile devices. You can gain a lot of local traffic with this avenue. 

      For this reason, your website design needs to be mobile-friendly. 

      Neglecting this feature may discourage users from browsing your site. A site that’s hard to navigate is as harmful to your business as not having a site at all.

      2. Showcases Your Professionalism

      Having a website shows users that your business is organized and well managed. According to recent studies, 75% of people admitted to judging a company’s credibility based on their website. 

      With this in mind, it is important to know that having a presence on social media is not enough. A website with a custom domain, simple design and clear policies and security helps build trust with your customers.

      3. Helps You Compete With Industry Giants

      A website that is optimised properly gives you a better chance of being found by users. With a higher ranking, you can appear on similar search queries to those of larger competitors in your industry.

      One way to do this is by bidding on keywords. These can help you rank higher and get in front of your audience. This process can change the way a user interacts with your company.

      The majority of consumers conduct research and read reviews on products before purchasing from a company. With this in mind, offering a more visible site to your users influences their purchasing journey and can convince them to choose you over competitors. 

      For a small business, this can drastically improve your site traffic and conversion rate. 

      4. Helps Meet Customer Expectations

      Since most people are online these days, it’s almost a given that every business has a website. Your website should act as a constant method of information to customers. Additionally, customers are expecting you to provide quick solutions to their queries. 

      Lack of online presence may indicate to your users that you’re not up-to-date on current trends or have gone out of business. If they are unable to find answers on your site, they’re much more likely to take their business elsewhere. 

      5. Increases ROI

      Compared to other methods of advertisement, building a business website is of relatively low cost. Also, websites are the best method of advertisement to reach large amounts of people, quickly and efficiently. 

      These factors combined help you receive a higher return on investment (ROI) in the long run. 

      However, purchasing behaviours are often influenced by the quality of a site. Having a bad site, in this case, is worse than not having one at all. 

      6. Provides Social Proof

      Social proof is one of the most impactful factors users consider before investing in a business. Customer reviews and testimonials provide credibility to your services while gaining trust from prospective customers.

      Additionally, gathering customer testimonials shows users that you care about how they experienced your service. This can strengthen your customer base through appreciation of their business.

      7. Facilitates Better Conversations

      Great customer service is the beginning of a relationship between you and your customers. The way you interact with them will decide how they view your brand going forward. 

      The primary reason why users search online is to quickly receive answers to their problems. With a website, you can display basic information to help users as easily as possible.

      You want to make sure that the information you provide, such as product knowledge or contact information, is clearly displayed. The faster your customers receive an answer, the more satisfied they are likely to be.

      8. Allows You to Display Offers

      A company website is typically a user’s first point of interaction with your brand. For this reason, you should display features to meet customer pain points while highlighting awards. 

      These elements engage customers and make it more likely that they will continue interacting with your site. This benefits the customer as it addresses their key needs while giving you a greater chance of being contacted by them. 

      9. Lets You Construct Your Own Narrative

      The internet is filled with misinformation, making it rather difficult to separate fact from fiction. However, the beauty of designing your own website is that you can establish a brand narrative you stand behind.

      Crafting a site that displays your unique story adds a personal element that customers can connect with. Ultimately, a website acts as an authoritative resource for your brand image. 

      The way you present yourself online is how customers will see you. This aspect is important when users are comparing you against similar companies. With over 63,000 Google searches per second, someone is likely looking for you.

      10. Helps Meet Long-Term Business Needs

      The shift from brick and mortar stores to online platforms is more apparent than ever. Without a website, you risk losing sales and dropping off your customers’ radars.

      Staying ahead of the competition is only likely if you continue to meet the changing habits of the consumer. For this reason, creating a website is your only chance at staying relevant in a fast-paced digital world.

      Crafting Your Site 

      With the entire world turning to online services, there is no doubt that a website is your company’s best asset. Ensure that your business needs are met by developing a website you can be proud of. 

      Designing your ideal website has never been easier. To begin crafting an eye-catching, lead-grasping site today, contact us for a free website audit.

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