The Pros And Cons of Building Your Own Website

The Pros And Cons of Building Your Own Website

The Pros And Cons of Building Your Own Website
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      A website is just like a house. Any homeowner would want it to be solid and functional from the ground up, with every room rightly in place. This is why they’d hire an architect, an interior designer, and a contractor to make sure it turns out the way they want and need it to be.

      A lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and start-ups attempt to build their own websites. If you are thinking along the same line, consider the pros and cons of hiring a web designer before you do so.

      Why You Should Hire a Pro Web Designer

      Why You Should Hire a Pro

      1. It’s their forte.

      Professional web developers spent a lot of time learning and honing their designing skills. They know the best practices, what needs to be done, and how to do it. They are also familiar with the functions of the different types of web platforms such as HubSpot, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify including tech support. This means no cramming and guesswork when it comes to your website.

      2. They come with the right tools.

      Building a functional and user-friendly website requires the right tools, software, and information for the best results. Skilled and professional web developers have invested and come complete with these tools to build an amazing website. They also know the right talent to create graphics, illustrations, and imagery as well as content, SEO, and analytics/reporting.

      3. You end up with a professional-looking website users will love.

      Professional web developers are likely to have encountered every possible glitch a website can have so you can be sure yours will be free from them. They also know minute details—such as the tiny URL icons—to make them look complete and professional.

      What Hinders People From Hiring a Pro​ Web Designer

      What Hinders People From Hiring a Pro

      1. It comes with a fee.

      Would you hire a hairstylist to cut and dye your hair or would you trust yourself to do it? Most people won’t. Getting your website built by a professional designer is going to cost money. It’s a skill that they have invested their time and money with.

      2. It can’t be rushed.

      Creating a website is an art and most professional web designers need time to get their creative juices flowing. They also have other clients lined up in a queue. Yes, people are actually getting their websites built professionally. A web design project will take some time as well as a number of edits and revisions. Give it around two months before reaching completion.

      3. They might get scammed.

      We all know that scammers are everywhere. There are also web designers who might not meet your expectations in the long run. The best way to avoid this is to do your own research, ask for references, and look through their portfolio. It is also a good idea to talk face-to-face or via voice call to see if you get good vibes with your ideal candidate. You might also want to have a written agreement drawn with a clear list of your expectations and requirements.

      Why People DIY Their Website​

      Why People DIY Their Website

      1. They think it will save them money.

      Building a DIY website is great because you get to work at your own pace and time. If it’s a rush, you can make it a top priority and put everything together in a short span of time. Otherwise, you can work on it on turtle pace—which might take forever.

      2. They get to be their own boss.

      Professional web developers don’t come with superpower mind-reading capabilities so building a DIY website saves people a lot of time spent on brainstorming and explaining about their business.

      Why You Should Not DIY Your Website​

      Why You Should Not DIY Your Website

      1. Your website might turn out to be self-centered.

      One of the drawbacks of building your own website is you might build it around yourself. Doing so will make your target persona lose interest, failing to convert them. Your website should be about your audience which the professional web developer knows how to address.

      2. Leave it to the pro.

      Professional web designers are called such because that’s what they are. Professionals. Unless you are one, leave the designing, development, content creation, and marketing in their capable hands. Focus on your products and services instead. Once they turn over the website to you, you can watch traffic and money pour in.

      3. It will take you a lot of time.

      Learning something new takes time. Creating your own website might be foremost on your mind but building your products and services will be more rewarding in the long run.


      In this day and age, having the best products and services to offer will not ensure that a company reaches its business goals. People utilise the internet in search of their wants and needs and a user-friendly and professional-looking website will make sure you stay ahead of your competition.

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